Isaiah 56:7

Christian workers in Afghanistan are praising God for several recent answers to prayer. Authorities recently stopped a group of Taliban fighters who were preparing to attack multiple sites. The Taliban had loaded a truck with eight tons of explosives, but it did not blow up. It was the largest truck bomb ever defused in the city and had the potential to destroy everything within a 5,000-foot radius. Five of the Taliban militants were killed and two were captured. The Christian workers also report that several Pashtun tribal leaders have told local Taliban members that the Taliban can no longer use their territory. The Christian workers ask for prayer that the Taliban networks will be broken, that there will be no spring offensive by the Taliban, that more tribal leaders will deny use of their lands to the Taliban and that local believers will grow in courage.

Pastor Stephen Hundley has been called from his church in Victoria Texas to a church in Indiana and is requesting prayer for God's direction for him and his family.  It will be a bi-vocational position.  He has always been a fulltime pastor.

Wes Watkins mother had a heart attack during a surgery on her shoulder this week. 

35 year old Kim Hunt from Arkansas.  Her body has rejected her pacemaker and she is due another expensive surgery.
She owes $250,000.00 now and her next surgery is $400,000.00.  Pray for her health as well as her financial situation.

Liz Griffin is in the Claremore Indian hospital.  They aren't sure why she is losing blood internally.  Upon arrival she received 9 liters of blood.

Dr. Larry Keise, beginning a church in Nebraska

Preston Peruskie - attending school in preperation for missons work

Pray for our Nation's citizens to return to God 

We are Praying for these.......
"Please Pray for...." Ever hear these words and go about your way, doing your own thing?  Or even worse, saying you will but forget to?  Are we not to "Carry one another's burdens"?  Galations 6:2

When we hear these words we want to touch God's Heart with our prayers!  So, we have added a "prayer request" page.

If your name is on this list, someone has requested that we pray for you.  If you are praying for someone and want us to join you, let us know and we will add them to our Prayer List.
Isaiah 65:24  

Matthew 7:7-11

John 16:23-24

1 John 5:14